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First Aid Kit
Having a plan is always the best decision. Use this information to find out the best solution when facing a Hurricane

Gauze 2" x 2", Triangle Bandage, Elastic Bandage 4", Elastic Bandage 2"
Vaseline, Savlon Cream, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dermoplast / Bactine
Tweezers, Instant Cold Pack, Ipecac Syrup, Eye Wash / Drops
Eye Pads 2", Band Aids, Dressing, Strip, Aspirin or ibuprofen
Absorbent Cotton, Scissors, Disposable Gloves, Adhesive Tape,
First Aid book", Smelling Salts, "Q" Tips, Thermometer, Swabs,
Absorbent Lint, Mercurochrome, Air Way Tube, Alcohol, Iodine
Small Trash bags, Safety Pins, “Mosquito repellant”

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