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Category 1 Hurricane - winds 74-95 mph (119-153 km/hr; 64-83 Kts)
No real damage to buildings. Damage to unanchored sheds. Some damage to poorly constructed signs. Also minor dock damage. Hurricane Emily 1987

Category 2 Hurricane - winds 96-110 mph (154-177 km/hr; 84-96 Kts)
Some damage to building roofs, doors and windows. Flooding damages docks and small craft in unprotected moorings may break their moorings. Some trees blown down. Hurricane Fabian, 2003

Category 3 Hurricane - winds 111-130 mph (178-209 km/hr; 96-113 Kts)
Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings. Large trees blown down. Terrain may be flooded inland. Hurricane which struck Bermuda October 22, 1926

Category 4 Hurricane - winds 131-155 mph (210-249 km/hr; 114-135 Kts)
More extensive building facade failures with some complete roof structure failure on small residences. Major erosion of beach areas. Terrain may be flooded well inland. Hurricane Hugo, North Carolina, 1989

Category 5 Hurricane - winds 156 mph and greater (249+ km/hr; 136+ Kts)
Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Flooding causes major damage to lower floors of all structures near the shoreline. Hurricane Andrew, Florida, 1992

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